Bleeding Disorders Awareness and Ways to Support It

Every year the month of March is observed as the Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month. The purpose of the month is to have people know the seriousness of the condition and to create an awareness about it.

What is a bleeding disorder?

The condition which includes an extensive range of medical problems that result in improper blood clotting and abnormal bleeding is called as a bleeding disorder. Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease are the types which leads to continued bleeding after an injury, surgery or physical trauma. During some situations, this condition is life-threatening and should be treated immediately.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms may vary depending on the stage of the disease. Listed below are some symptoms and signs:

Joint bleeds with pain and toughness

Unusual bleeding after common procedures like dental work or any other shots

Bloody stools and discharge of blood while urinating

Frequent nosebleeds

Ways to help raise awareness:

Download the free banners, profile pictures and infographics from the websites and change your social media banners and profile pictures based on that to create awareness.

Educate people about the facts of Hemophilia and other bleeding disorder awareness.

Meet the sufferers and victims of the disease and make a video of their personal struggle and the ways they are trying to overcome it. Share such videos on the video sharing websites and with your family and community members.

Plan for an awareness event by joining hands with your community members and the medical team. Gather people’s attention by choosing the most attractive giveaway items. Gift samples include wristbands, rings, keychains, caps or t-shirts with personalized messages about the disorder.

Also, follow the Twitter page of the CDC website to know more about the research programs and awareness events.

Enroll yourself as the NHF volunteer

To help people find enhanced treatments and cures for bleeding and clotting disorders

To prevent the complications of these disorders through proper education, support, and exploration.

What is the Red Tie Challenge?

It is a movement launched by the community and the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) to create awareness about the heredity of bleeding disorders and to show their support for the awareness. Visit redtiechallenge.org to know more information about the red tie challenge. Show your support for this movement by wearing a red tie for the whole month.


Change the life of a bleeding disorder victim or the sufferer by changing your life. Join the NHF volunteer and show your support. When treated effectively, anyone can come out from the life threatening disease and lead the healthiest life.


The content of the article is for informational purpose only and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please do check with your medical practitioner or community doctor when you have any doubts or queries about the disease. Please do share your views with us about the article through the comment box.

Source by Billie Jean Bateson

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