Do Stubby Coolers Work?

Stubby coolers or beer sleeves are designed to keep beverages cold. They make sure that external sources of heat do not affect the temperature of the beverage, as some beverages taste good only when served at a particular temperature.

When thinking about promoting your brand through free merchandise, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is a pen; not beer sleeves of course. But what many marketing managers don’t understand is that stubby cooler and sports drink bottles are practical and your consumer will actually enjoy using the product.

So how does a stubby cooler work for your brand? Stubby holders can be printed with your company logo or something interesting that reminds audiences of your brand. The best part of this promotional product is that it can be customized as per your brand demands.

For example, if you are associated with the fishing industry, then you can order for fishing stubby holders to promote your brand. These stubby holders have a unique feature that allows users to this holder onto a fishing rod. The concept is that even while fishing, the consumer should have a cold beverage. It is such a novel concept and works great for your brand as well.

That’s not the only innovation in this product. If you are into garment retail or are a fashion store, then you can design your stubby to look like a jersey. You can then have your shop name and brand name on the t-shirt itself. This design works great if you own a sports team or are sponsoring a sporting event.

Let’s say you are a wedding organizer or a wedding planner and are planning a theme wedding or a wedding where the venue for the wedding party is unusual like a beach or an exotic forest. Now it is difficult to keep beverages cold in such places and therefore you could design beer stubby for the wedding reception. The stubby can have the initials of the bride and the groom, the date, or a romantic quote or perhaps their picture. This way the guests can still enjoy a cold beverage and can also take home a memory from the wedding. A lot of couples request for wedding gifts to be given to guests or insist that at least a memento be given to guests to remember their wedding day. In such cases a wedding stubby holder is the perfect alternative. Most companies provide several designs, which range from being romantic to being funny and quirky. If pre designed holders don’t suit, then it doesn’t take long to create a personalized one.

The best time to give away a free stubby is in the summers when people drink more beverages and found drinking at public places like the beach or the park!

Source by Alison Ponting

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