Printing Should Be Integral Aspect of Any "Order Fulfillment" Bureau

Crowdfunder or marketing departments are looking for a fulfillment partner who can understand their marketing needs, help keep their brand, bring creative reward items and most importantly have the experience. Many fulfillment companies are equipped to handle transaction mailing but do not have the print marketing expertise. On the other hand, companies expert in printing t-shirts or giveaways lack a complete fulfillment solution.

A fulfillment organization must have the following expertise if they are looking to fulfill for crowdfunders. Things to look for in an above-average fulfillment house:

  • Dedicated Graphic Design Team: Good design is an essential part of presenting your business and governs your marketing. A fulfillment house that has a dedicated graphic team can provide a constructive eye on your print element and give input on what would print effectively. A good graphic team could make sure whether a particular font or text size will print correctly or catch simple spelling or grammar errors. These simple corrections could save an organization from costly mistakes. A dedicated graphic team can preflight check the artwork and also if the artwork is setup on correct template. Also, proper archival system to ensure that the files are available for future print runs if needed and future re-runs should look same as the first run.
  • Onsite T-shirt Production: Custom printed t-shirts are not only an important giveaways but also used by organizations to raise additional money. A custom printed shirt offered for sale whether to raise money for charity or an artist selling shirts to his/her fan base; these custom printed shirts must be produced cost effectively. Most custom t-shirt print house fulfills custom printed T-shirt on demand which is expensive and does not help organization raise money effectively. A good fulfillment house should have ability to produce custom printed shirts onsite so the shirts can be printed with lower cost and quicker turnaround.
  • Promotional Printing: A good fulfillment must have a good print department. Catalogs, brochures, info and sample packs, branded premiums, and coupons are common examples of printed items used to promote a product or company. A promotional fulfillment program could be a one-time event or an ongoing campaign. Also, promotional fulfillment could be targeted at new prospects and/or existing customers. Other popular items distributed through print fulfillment programs include educational materials, repair and training manuals, sheet music, calendars… basically any printed item that is offered to consumers can be part of a print fulfillment program. A fulfillment department with print capability to help support these marketing initiatives.

Here is huge value in a partner who has made the investments and connections to smoothly handle your future needs. The right fulfillment partner can do more than just pick and ship.

Source by Raj Barman

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