Promoting Your Film – 14 Low Cost Tips

There are many independent film makers who do brilliant work but its goes unnoticed as no one comes to know about them. So the film makers must make it a point to promote their film as much as possible.

Usually people consider the promotion part once the film is made. But, I would suggest that once you have the title of the film on hand start the rapport building process. The large studios as we all know have their in-house publicity departments that spent loads of money to promote their creation. But your brain child would not suffer due to lack of expenses.

Here are some inexpensive and free modes of film promotion:

1. Your word of mouth builds a lot of reputation.

2. While earlier the only sources to advertise films were billboards or newspapers, now television has also emerged as a very strong medium. However, it is very expensive and perhaps only the well established studios can afford them. Internet has introduced several new alternates in the marketing field provided one knows the trick to use them to the fullest. Internet or the World Wide Web as the name suggests offers varied promotional tools at your disposal. You would have tough time choosing among them. We suggest capture all of them together as it would lend you great help.

3. While your film is at its infancy stage, start a blog. Make regular entries in this blog and make a regular feature for many.

4. Now consider making a logo of your film. Remember, this logo would be used be in several places so it must be very attractive and should have the spirit that your film has.

5. Now switch to making a website of your film. Your logo would formulate the primary design portion of this website.

6. You might consider contacting some professional to design your logo and the website, but those who want to go economical on this front as well try gaining help from some friend or do it all by yourself. Just log on to the internet and you shall come across several websites that offer the domains & the website building tools.

7. Next, submit this website to some reputed search engine.

8. Design merchandise of your film with the film’s logo like T-shirts & hats. I remember, one of my friends put her film’s logo on some panties and then sold them. More and more girls bought these panties. Also the sale of these merchandise fetches you enough money for the post production phase.

9. Further, switch over to Myspace. Here build a Myspace page especially for your film. Many music artists now-a-days use Myspace for the promotion of their music. It has worked wonders for them. So trying it for the promotion of your film seems to be a great idea.

10. Now, as the time has passed and you have some portions of the film ready, consider putting them on YouTube.

11. Select some places where the film of your genre are played and try putting up your film there.

12. Next, work out some attractive fliers of your film and spread them across among the youth, like the local college. Usually, all the colleges have a common area for students’ public postings. Place your fliers around these boards. The young college students are always open to new & different stuff, so they can be the best audience to have. This will fetch your art a great reputation and recognition.

13. You can also try introducing some interesting contest where you shall reward prizes to the winners.

14. Once your film is ready to put up a premiere show, consider preparing a Media Kit. Distribute these kits to some local TV & radio stations.

Now, you can look forward to hire a professional publicist!

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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